About 16 km far

We can mention somethings you can visit:

  • the Amphitheater Square
  • the birthplace of Giacomo Puccini
  • Cathedral of S. Martino
  • the Piazza S. Michele
  • Via Fillungo
  • and so much more…


About 65 km far

There are lots of things to see and visit there, we can mention some of these:
  • the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore,
  • the Uffizi Gallery,
  • the Ponte Vecchio,
  • the Palazzo Vecchio and Piazza della Signoria,
  • the Palazzo Pitti with the Boboli’s Gardens,
  • the Galleria dell’Accademia
  • and so much more…


About 42 km far

  • The “Piazza dei Miracoli” with its “Leaning Tower”,
  • the Cathedral and the Baptistery,
  • Palazzo della Carovana, (headquarters of Scuola Normale Superiore) in Piazza dei Cavalieri,
  • the Orto Botanico,
  • the church of Santa Maria della Spina,
  • the Lungarni,
  • many museums and lot more…


Viareggio & Versilia are about 42 km far

  • Here you will find the Sea and the historical Bathhouses,
  • the Promenade,
  • the Cittadella del Carnevale,
  • the Path and the Beach of Lecciona,
  • the Villa Argentina,
  • the Villa Borbone with its Garden and the surrounding villages of Torre del Lago Puccini,
  • Lido di Camaiore,
  • Forte dei Marmi,
  • and going toward the inland you will find the suggestive Marble Quarry and the majestic Apuan Alps.

Castenuovo Garfagnana

About 58 km far

  • The historic centre where there’s the Rocca Ariostesca,
  • the Loggiato Porta,
  • the Teatro Comunale “V. Alfieri”,
  • the Convent of the Capuchin Friars,
  • the church of Santi Pietro e Paolo.
In the surroundings there are old villages, lakes, Fortresses like the one of Verrucole, where the project called “Archeopark” brings the medieval atmosphere back to life.

Grotta del vento

About 54 km far

These caves are rich in spectacular karst phenomena, stalactites, stalagmites, little lakes, water courses, vertical shafts. The Grotta del Vento can be visited by everyone, thanks to its three different pathways.

Fornovalasco is the closest village, it is ancient and it has a mining story behind it.


About 9 km far

In the highest part there is an ancient hamlet where the Romanesque church of San Bartolomeo is located, instead, a little further down, you can find the great Villa Garzoni together with its historical Garden and, since some time, the Butterfly House, which can be visited from March to October.

The Pinocchio Park along with the Land of Toys, the old amusement rides, the Museum and the Virtual Library of Pinocchio.


About 130 km far

The Torre del Mangia located in Piazza del Campo, the Cathedral, the Palazzo Pubblico, the City Museum, the Church of San Domenico, the Piccolomini Library, the Pinacoteca Nazionale, etc.

San Gimignano

About 75 km far

The Collegiate Church of Santa Maria Assunta, the Piazza della Cisterna, the Torre Grossa, the Palazzo Comunale, the Cathedral, the Spezieria di Santa Fina, and a lot more.